Saturday, November 5, 2011

Second Liberated Muse Volume Enters Production

Writer Alan King will be featured in new book

The writers have been selected for the second volume in the Liberated Muse anthology series-- Betrayal Wears a Pretty Face-- and the book has now entered its first stage of production.

This volume will be a bit different from the first which also featured the work of visual artists within its pages. While prominent visual artist Turtel Onli provided artwork selected to grace the cover of the anthology, the book itself will not contain visual art. Instead, in addition to containing the literary work by the selected writers, the book will include intimate interviews with each writer-- getting a glimpse into their writing process, personal definitions of the concept of betrayal and their personal writing lives that produced the quality work included in the new volume.

Liberated Muse founder Khadijah Ali-Coleman edits this collection, as she did the first, and draws from her experience as a journalist to solicit the responses from the writers in their individual interviews. Featured writers include Serena Wills, and Sumayyah Talibah who were featured in the first volume along with Ali-Coleman, while new contributors include Alan King, Catherine Bailey, Diane Nichols, Holly Reynolds-Holmes, Kristen Savali, Ola Bancole, Nick Sweet, Soyinka Ogunbusola, and Yahia Labibidi.

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